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Guiding Companies and Teams to Embracing an Agile Mastery Mindset Requires a Coach with Relevant Professional and Life Experience

Peter Jessen works with companies transitioning from the command-and-control waterfall development mindset to the collaborative partnering agile development mindset. Peter guides companies in unleashing the power of the Agile Mastery Mindset – a mindset centered on continuous improvement and collaboration across the enterprise; a mindset resulting in higher-quality software and services, happier customers, and high-functioning, constantly-improving, self-organizing teams.

Through his unique background of 30+ years’ experience as a Naval Officer, project manager, innovator, and process improvement expert; combined with his formal training as a COR.E Performance Dynamics Specialist and Demartini Values Facilitator, Peter guides companies through the Agile Mastery Mindset transformation resulting in higher margins, innovative new products, and greater collaboration from the boardroom to the development teams.

What do you really want to achieve as a company? Agile, when done right, is much more than improving software development, it’s about transforming everything a company does – from marketing to product development to operations. What legacy do you want your company to leave?

Peter is fiercely committed to the success of every client. He has personally experienced the negative effects of a command-and-control mindset on the effectiveness and creativity of development teams and a company in general. While working for some of the top consulting firms in the world, including Deloitte Consulting and The MITRE Corp., Peter led transformational software development efforts at organizations as diverse as MCI Communications and Veterans Health Administration (VHA).

Peter began his career as a United States Naval Officer. In the span of two years he saw the impact of three different leaders on the same crew. One was average, one was terrible, and one was great. The great leader brought out the best in the crew. Every team performed at a high-level and supported every other team. He never forgot that lesson when he went into consulting and formal coaching. The same servant leadership qualities are critical in an Agile transformation to enable an organization and its teams to reach their highest potential.


Guiding Companies and Teams to Embracing an Agile Mastery Mindset Requires a Coach Who Is Committed to, and Demonstrates, Life-Long Learning.

ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

An ICF PCC coach has completed an extensive formal, approved training program as well as at least 500 hours of formal coaching experience. In addition, they must complete a  Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA), abide by a code of ethics and demonstrate a minimum skill level in 11 key skill areas . In my case, I completed iPEC Coaching's highly-esteemed training program, as shown by my CPC and EI-MP certifications.

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