My focus, on coaching SAFe® Transformations with Jira Align stems from a life-long interest in combining the transformative power of true servant leadership with the power of real-time feedback through data to transform the performance of organizations at all levels - enterprise, portfolio, program, and agile team.

My experience comes from leading, training, and coaching individuals and teams as an employee and a coach/consultant in complex technical environments undergoing change and transformation at all levels - from my time as a US Navy Surface Warfare Officer, to my role as a consultant at such firms as Deloitte Consulting and MITRE Corp., to my current role as an independent working with executives leading SAFe transformations.

My interest and focus on leadership development and mindset coaching began as a Navy Officer, where I served under three captains in two years with very different crew performance outcomes. (I share some of that experience in this blog post and this video.)

My unique combination of business and technology skills led to my current focus of coaching leaders in all aspects (strategic, business, & technical) of implementing SAFe® transformations (from a starting point of waterfall, team-level scrum/agile, or any hybrid) with Jira Align providing critical feedback loops.

I worked with Peter during my time at DIRECTV / AT&T Entertainment group. His SME level knowledge of the Scaled Agile Framework and understanding of how Agilecraft® and Jira® compliment each other was instrumental in successfully deploying both Agilecraft® and Jira® to support the SAFe® transformation. If your implementing Agilecraft® and Jira or planning a SAFe transformation, you can’t go wrong by having Peter on your team.  

Dan Buffham, Head of Professional ServicesUSA at Valiantys  

My SAFe® transformation utilizing Jira Align and Jira specialties include:  

Jira Align - Jira Technical Design & Configuration:
• Analysis of the existing and desired state of development teams
• Optimal configuration of Jira to integrate with Jira Align
• Analysis/design of Jira Align roles
• Analysis/design of org/time/work dimensions to provide leaders with meaningful metrics

Jira Align - Jira Technical Coaching & Training:
• Technical and business admin training
• Role-based training using Jira Align to measure results
• Executive training for determining progress and strategic-decision making

SAFe® with Jira Align Customized Coaching & Training:
• Coach technical admins on troubleshooting integration issues between Jira Align and Jira
• Coach team and program leadership on using Jira Align to lead teams
• Coach SAFe® Program Consultants (SPCs) and agile coaches to use Jira Align to determine team/program health, coach performance at all levels

“Trust & Verify” Executive Mindset & Performance Coaching with Jira Align:
• Coach executives from command & control to a servant leader mindset using my “trust and verify” approach with Jira Align
• Coach executives on organizational performance improvement through Values Alignment and track results with Jira Align

All of my work is based on my 30+ years’ proven experience and ongoing professional education.

Here's to helping your organization perform better!

It's a pleasure for me to endorse Peter as both a SAFe trainer as well as an enterprise scaled agile coach.

Peter's approach, which I believe is correct, is to see scaled agile not simply as a set of practices to be followed but rather a mindset that an organization needs to adopt in order to really achieve the benefits of agile at scale. Changing mindsets is of course exponentially more difficult than simply layering on a new set of practices, but Peter is up to the challenge. He brings not only a deep understanding of agile practices but also a rare set of skills to coach individual team members one on one in the adoption of the agile mindset.

For us it is also very helpful that Peter has expert experience with AgileCraft -- a system that helps organizations manage software development practices at scale. As we adopt SAFe and use AgileCraft to manage our software development, Peter's expertise helps us to execute on both of these tracks in parallel.

Peter has been and continues to be a valuable resource to our organization, and it is a pleasure to give him my endorsement.  

Jira Align visualizes your software development data, resulting in better tactical and strategic decision-making.

Peter Jessen has a proven track record of unleashing the power of the Jira Align platform for national and global clients.

Peter’s unique background provides him with the ability to support clients in all aspects (strategic, business, and technical) of their SAFe® transformation utilizing Jira Align and Jira:

• technical configuration and implementation of the integrated solution,
• training all levels of the organization (admins, agile teams, programs/ARTs, leadership) on how to gain actionable knowledge from their Jira data through Jira Align,
• coaching the coaches/leaders on how to use the information Jira Align makes visible to determine the health of their teams and programs,
• coaching leadership on measuring the value delivered by their development organization, and
• coaching senior leaders on shifting from a command and control mindset to a servant leadership mindset using his “trust and verify” executive coaching method utilizing Jira Align.

SAFe®/agile coaching results include:

• Coaching the launch of multiple Agile Release Trains (ARTs) in several organizations that resulted in more effective and efficient software development.
• Enabling a "trust and verify" mindset in executives through a combination of mindset coaching and effective use of JiraAlign, the premier strategic enterprise agile platform.

Peter Jessen is by far one of the most enthusiastic and effective coaches I ever have met in the tech industry. He is always passionate about what he teaches. He provides great examples and thought provoking discussions amongst his peers and his students.

At DirecTV/AT&T, he helped to set up the Agile mindset for leadership and teams for a large scaled agile transformation. In doing so, he set up AgileCraft® toolset for us to help track and manage stories, features, capabilities, and strategic themes. He also taught Scrum Master, Product Owner, and other courses to help teams with their progress in the agile transformation.

I enjoyed working with Peter and would recommend his coaching and teaching techniques to any company. He has a wide range of breadth and depth in SAFe® and Agile methodologies.  

Results-Driven Thinking, LLC. is Peter's Vehicle to Realize His Vision of Supporting Organizational Transformations, Commercial and Government, That Lead to Empowered Teams Delivering Innovative Software That Serves The World.

Results-Driven Thinking, LLC. is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) dedicated to transforming the results of organizations using SAFe® and lean-agile principles combined with the power of Jira Align to transform Jira data into usable and actionable knowledge.

To qualify as a service-disabled veteran-owned small business it must:

• Be at least 51% owned and controlled by one or more service-disabled veterans
• Have one or more service-disabled veterans manage day-to-day operations and also make long-term decisions

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