What Clients Are Saying

I'm grateful to have had the chance to coach so many incredible people over the years - one-on-one, in teams, and in teams of teams.

Here are a few of their testimonials organized by different coaching focus areas.

No matter the focus of the coaching, I bring all of my skills to bear to tackle a client's challenges.


It's a pleasure for me to endorse Peter as both a SAFe® trainer as well as an enterprise scaled agile coach.

Peter's approach, which I believe is correct, is to see scaled agile not simply as a set of practices to be followed but rather a mindset that an organization needs to adopt in order to really achieve the benefits of agile at scale. Changing mindsets is of course exponentially more difficult than simply layering on a new set of practices, but Peter is up to the challenge. He brings not only a deep understanding of agile practices but also a rare set of skills to coach individual team members one on one in the adoption of the agile mindset.

For us it is also very helpful that Peter has expert experience with AgileCraft -- a system that helps organizations manage software development practices at scale. As we adopt SAFe® and use AgileCraft to manage our software development, Peter's expertise helps us to execute on both of these tracks in parallel.

Peter has been and continues to be a valuable resource to our organization, and it is a pleasure to give him my endorsement.

Mike Hoffmann
Associate VP, PMO at Cornerstone OnDemand

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Peter Jessen (2017-2018) at Cornerstone OnDemand. Peter consulted as an implementation specialist, guiding Cornerstone on tools and Scaled Agile (SAFe® Framework).

As the Program Manager at Cornerstone, we benefitted from Peter’s expertise in the AgileCraft tool, as well as his knowledge of SAFe® Framework. Peter shared his expertise across the entire life-cycle of developing products and building applications. As the implementation specialist, Peter was attentive and present. He listened to and took onboard feedback and provided support throughout the implementation project. His coaching skills were valuable and helped us to integrate our workflow within the SAFe Framework, and tools (e.g. JIRA, AgileCraft).

Without Peter’s proficiency in AgileCraft, SAFe®, and JIRA, the implementation would have been very difficult. There were many instances where we encountered challenges with adapting AgileCraft and our JIRA instance, but Peter worked with all our teams to define and resolve the issues (whether that was overnight, over weekends, etc.) to ensure that we were unblocked, in a timely manner.

In summary, we would not have been able to make the progress we made, without Peter. His complete understanding of AgileCraft, JIRA, and the SAFe® Framework made him the ideal specialist for the implementation. Furthermore, Peter also invests his time sharing and supporting others with his knowledge base, and helping to develop others who are interested, with his experience and knowledge base.

Lawrence Shin
Manager, Program Management at Cornerstone OnDemand

Peter is one of the handful of enterprise agile coaches I've met who really inspires individuals and teams at all levels to reach high performance and grasp the agile mindset. He was instrumental in supporting the first PI planning sessions of a major scaled agile transformation effort using AgileCraft on top of Jira. Peter's expertise was priceless in helping executives and scrum team members alike to understand AgileCraft's portfolio and program level data in relation to Jira's team level data. I look forward to Peter's continuing contributions in this area now that these tools are under the same Atlassian umbrella.

Dean MacNeil, CSPO, CSM, SA
Agile Coach / Product Owner / Scrum Master

I worked with Peter during my time at DIRECTV / AT&T Entertainment group. His SME level knowledge of the Scaled Agile Framework and understanding of how Agilecraft and Jira compliment each other was instrumental in successfully deploying both Agilecraft and Jira to support the SAFe® transformation. If your implementing Agilecraft and Jira or planning a SAFe® transformation, you can’t go wrong by having Peter on your team.

Dan Buffham, Head of Professional Services
USA at Valiantys

Peter Jessen is by far one of the most enthusiastic and effective coaches I ever have met in the tech industry. He is always passionate about what he teaches. He provides great examples and thought provoking discussions amongst his peers and his students.

At DirecTV/AT&T, he helped to set up the Agile mindset for leadership and teams for a large scaled agile transformation. In doing so, he set up AgileCraft toolset for us to help track and manage stories, features, capabilities, and strategic themes. He also taught Scrum Master, Product Owner, and other courses to help teams with their progress in the agile transformation.

I enjoyed working with Peter and would recommend his coaching and teaching techniques to any company. He has a wide range of breadth and depth in SAFe® and Agile methodologies.

Krysti Sam
Agile Transformation Coach / Digital Entertainment Executive

Peter is a focused leader with the ability to clearly and concisely communicate his years of expertise in both Agile methodologies and tools to any level of an organization.

When Peter joined our organization, it was amid a very sensitive and impactful program that was in great need of executive mind-set transformation. His knowledge and years of experience were not only utilized to transform the hearts and minds of leaders, but also to show the proper ways to structure our newly adopted AgileCraft tool. Very few independent consultants are available that can lead a complete adoption of Agile, but also Agile at Scale utilizing the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) model. But more importantly Peter was able to quickly understand the current state of our process flow and build progressive workflows for AgileCraft that would provide maximized efficiencies with minimal disruption to our current processes.

Peter is a passionate leader in both arenas because he doesn’t just consult on Agile or the AgileCraft tool, but he strongly believes in both. His passion and knowledge are only highlighted by his personal desire to continue his education on both.

Casey Taylor
Senior Agile Coach at Transamerica

Peter exhibits a unique combination of strategic Lean-Agile/SAFe® transformation coaching skills combined with hands on AgileCraft customization and implementation experience. He goes above and beyond to get the job done. Peter delivers what his clients need on time, with precision. He is a gentleman and a pleasure to work with.

Alex Brungardt
Business Development Manager at ICON Agility

Agile Coaching

Peter is brilliant, detail oriented, and articulate. I have known Peter for many years now, and experienced his coaching skills first hand. He has the ability to communicate and interface with all levels of the organization. He particularly excels in large complex environments where others may not. His strategic coaching abilities go far beyond Agile Software Development. I highly recommend Peter as an Enterprise Agile Coach and Strategist.

Shawn Davison, CEO

As a colleague and fellow member of Cigna's Agile Center of Excellence, Peter is responsible for coaching the migration of several release trains to support Cigna's transformation from Waterfall to Agile practices. During our time together, Peter successfully mentored at the portfolio, program, and team levels of the organization. Hands-on and resilient, Peter brings a set of thinking tools and a model for crafting powerful agile coaching interventions. His deliberate and consistent approach promotes high trust and welcomes break-through results. As a trainer, Peter is the best in this business, proving that an Agile Coach is more than just a title... it's a dedicated lifestyle. Peter has my highest recommendation and I wish him all the best as he pursues future Agile coaching endeavors.

M Anthony Librizzi, MBA, SA®, CSM®
Agile Coach at AT&T

I currently work with Peter at Cigna as a fellow Agile Coach. Peter is an excellent Agile Practitioner who has a very strong Agile Mindset and the ability to train students at all levels in the organization to understand and buy into the Agile Methodology and develop an Agile Growth Mindset. As part of the Agile Center of Excellence, Peter continuously contributes to developing the body of knowledge and communities of practice, including developing new Agile and Rally courses for Cigna.

Seme Eroh - SPC4, PMP, CSM
Enterprise Agile Coach at Cigna Agile COE - SPC4

Peter is a very competent Enterprise Agile Coach, mentor and trainer. He has the ability to listen to others and provide them the proper training, mentoring, or coaching. His depth of knowledge around both the Agile space and the organizational culture is complete and very mature. Peter takes the time to understand people allowing him to be very effective. I truly enjoy working with Peter. His honest direct yet humble approach to coaching is a breath of fresh air. He's an overall great guy to know and work with and someone I highly recommend.

Thomas Bookhamer
Agile Coach & Trainer, CSM, CSP, SA, SPC4 - Leadership Coach, Speaker and Teacher (Certified John Maxwell)

In the 8 months Peter has worked with us, he's been able to influence significant change with the teams he's coached to transition them to Agile. He is incredibly thorough and is first to volunteer to help others. He is a great instructor and has helped tremendously with the coordination of training classes our Agile Center of Excellence offers. It's been a pleasure working with Peter; he will be an asset to any organization that picks him up.

Jean M Laporte
Agile CoE Lead, Enterprise Agile Coach at Cigna

Peter knows the Agile process and understands how to learn the product so that he can truly work to get the code out the door. I would recommend him as either a Scrum Master or Agile coach to anyone.

Doug Drake
Experienced Health IT Executive

Peter has been an outstanding coach for our scrum teams at Cigna. He brings a lot of great expertise and experience to the table. It is obvious that Peter loves what he does and he is always looking for how he can help an individual and their team achieve outstanding results. It has been a pleasure to have Peter at Cigna and I would recommend him for any future engagements.

Lori Kingman, PMP, CSM, SA, MBA
Senior Project Manager at CIGNA

Business Coaching

I'm still astounded at the huge impact even a few sessions with Peter Jessen had on my business. As a Freelance 3D Computer Graphic artist, I worked long days and still had to struggle to get ahead financially. Peter helped me become aware of a number of my negative thought patterns and paradigms, which kept me stuck. Peter shared with me some simple, yet powerful, tools and acted as a clear “mental mirror” to help me become aware of my destructive thought patterns.

I managed to double my monthly income, almost overnight. And all this happened after only 4 intensive coaching sessions with Peter. My new business results have not just stayed stable, they are still rising! After my first month of coaching my business had grown so much that now I'm no longer a freelancer anymore and have a small business with two employees.

Peter has the ability to sense very precisely which level improvements have to be made and the right strategies to work on these issues. I feel very comfortable with Peter as my coach. I live in the Netherlands, but becuase of his international background, Peter understands the Dutch mentality and was able to understand that many of my mental blocks were cultural.

The best part of coaching with Peter is that while my business has grown substantially, I’ve dropped my most difficult customers, and I actually have more personal time with my family.

Peter told me I had the answers inside myself already, now I know that is true, I just needed the right coach to draw those answers out. I’m looking forward to our next coaching sessions and I'm sure Peter will trigger a new "Quantum Leap" for my business.

Rolf Van Slooten
Head of 3D Department, Senior 3D Artist at Magic Group Media

“Thanks to Peter Jessen, I’m accomplishing business goals I would not have achieved.”

Peter Jessen is an incredible life and business coach. He has this ability to draw out the best in me...enabling more awareness, performance and satisfaction in what I do. I am accomplishing business goals I would not have achieved without his help. The results have made a significant impact on my business bottom line and my personal top line."

Shawn Davison ★ CEO

Peter coached me on both personal and business development topics. Peter has great instincts and asked thought provoking questions to get to my underlying issues. He is challenging yet great at validating. I didn’t want to be let off the hook on commitments and I wasn’t. Working on a commitment to a ongoing workout schedule yielded an unexpected benefit – taking 3rd at the gym in a three month weight loss contest. If you are looking for results and want to work hard, Peter is the coach I would highly recommend.

Pam (Pitsenbarger) Murdock, SPHR, CPC
Executive Coach

I’ve known Peter Jessen since November 2009. Peter is a master at leading and helping individuals and teams create the results they want. He commands an impressive blend of skills and experience in the areas of life success coaching (corporate and personal), structured innovation, Lean-6Sigma and project management. He puts his heart and soul into supporting and helping people succeed.

John Dubuc
Lean Six-Sigma Master Black Belt | MS Statistics | Business Process Improvement | Open to new opportunities